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Being visionary is a leader's natural state. With clutter out of your way, you can stay there.
VALUATION in 18 months
Identified opportunity to establish client IP portfolio using existing materials as the basis. Developed and delivered, substantially contributing to marked increase in company valuation. [SaaS]
customer retention
after 20% price increase
Designed programmatic approach, internal and external messaging and copy, and staff training materials, resulting in <1% customer attrition despite price hike. [B2B commodity]
added overhead
after 130% increase in sales
Strengthened sales department and its relationship with downstream business functions through development of internal and external tools and messaging, company trainings. [Tech]
3 mos
From tech stack to staff onboarding, designed, spec'ed, and directed rollout of previously non-existent marketing function for $10m company. [B2B+DTC services]
Referral and repeat
The majority of my work is with past and personally-referred clients.

“She's all you could ever hope for. After being around her for even a bit, I needed a mug that says 'Be more Tasha.'”

Nicole Ingra, Director of strategy & insight
About Me

20+ years field experience

from heavy industry to leading edge tech to bleeding edge cultural intitiatives.
Tasha Gideon

Founder + CEO


I started working on construction crews at age 14, where I was typically was the only woman on site. At college, I studied literary theory; my senior thesis explored the subjectivity of nonfiction. Early in my career, I worked at Ziba, a global design and innovation agency.

As a consultant, I later guided a manufacturing firm through momentous new federal regulations where I repurposed compliance activities into marketing efforts, creating sales dividends and a 3x increase in company valuation in two years. I've worked with bold innovators like Collecteurs, a culture tech company that developed a unique digital platform to empower high-end collectors disenchanted by traditional avenues of art commerce. And I led the value-building efforts of a tech startup that resulted in its acquisition by the sector’s biggest player in under two years.

I'm currently a member of the Li.st and am a facilitator for the global network Ladies Who Strategize. I also served on the Forté Foundation's Board of Directors. I frequently speak and write about what a saner, more inclusive version of “success” looks like; holistic strategy; success frameworks; women founders; Silicon Valley critique.

"Expertise paired with communication and leadership skills."

"(Can't) think of better team management or dynamics"

"Incredibly warm yet has high standards of quality from her team."

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What's the Meaning of This? podcast
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